Quality Control

Every key manufacturing process at North Star facilities is subject to strict control and record-keeping requirements. Repeatability and traceability are the watchwords of North Star’s Production and QA teams.

  • In-house heat treatment ensures optimum surface hardness and case depth.
  • Lab testing of all heat-treated products is conducted by individual batch to confirm that our stringent product specifications are met.
  • Our machining equipment utilizes the latest CNC tooling and technology for optimum specification accuracy
  • All machined threads are individually inspected using certified plug and ring gages to insure the specified stand offs.
  • Our welding options include both friction welding and submerged arc processes.
  • All welds are inspected in-house utilizing non-destructive ultrasonic testing methods.
  • Straightness and concentricity tests verify compliance with manufacturing specifications.
  • Independent OQC team performs final inspections and document checks before shipment.